Welcome to OpenLogPlot™

OpenLogPlot is FREE software that lets you prepare professional well-log plots from data held in OpenOffice or LibreOffice spreadsheets. The spreadsheet tool is called 'Calc' and can read and write MicroSoft Excel™ files directly as well as its standard 'ods' OpenDocument format. For more information on OpenOffice and LibreOffice, see the Open Office tab above.
OpenLogPlot supports:
  • Full control over curve display, including optional wrap, line thickness, style and color
  • Multiple fill options, including alternate, cutoffs and colour fill modulated by a nominated curve
  • Tops and Zones
  • Point data with optional connecting line
  • Graph data for core analysis or any depth-related discrete data
  • User-defined vertical and horizontal grids
  • Multiple depth scales (m, ft, in, cm, mm)
  • Export the plot to pdf, png, gif, jpg and many other image formats.
  • Data import from LAS 2.0 files
OpenLogPlot generates a vector drawing in the OpenOffice/LibreOffice drawing tool (called 'Draw'). From there, it is simple to export the log plot to a number of formats, including pdf and png, for incorporation in your reports. This arrangement also lets you add your own annotation or make changes to the drawing after it has been generated, to personalize the plot.
OpenLogPlot is FREE to use. Future enhanced versions of OpenLogPlot may be subject to a nominal licence fee except for personal, non-commercial or educational purposes.
OpenLogPlot is brought to you by EXPROBIZ. For more information, or to provide suggestions for improvements, please email openlogplot@exprobiz.com or use the Feedback tab (top-right above).