About OpenLogPlot

OpenLogPlot was developed by EXPROBIZ FZE, a U.A.E. based business. Ross Davidson, Managing Director, commented on the reasons for developing OpenLogPlot:

"There was a practical reason for developing OpenLogPlot. Despite advances in corporate database-based E&P software applications, there remains a large number of people who keep well data in spreadsheets. Whether it be original logs, calculated logs, core analysis data, or other depth-related information, the fact is that spreadsheets are a convenient way to store, manipulate and tabulate such data. The downside is that the inbuilt graphing tools in spreadsheets simply do not support the kind of specialist plots that users need in order to display this data.

"We have been using OpenOffice for more than ten years, and appreciate its power and flexibility. High quality FREE software that meets everyday business needs. We have linked OpenOffice to business databases, and written Java, Python and OpenOffice Basic scripts and macros to extend the power of OpenOffice and interface it to other tools such as Scribus, an Open Source program that brings professional page layout to Linux, Mac OS X and Windows desktops.

"The convenience that comes from generating the plot in OpenOffice/LibreOffice Draw is that from there it is a single click to export a pdf, or click Export and choose from a range of graphic formats including jpg, png, gif and more. Ideal for generating images to add to reports and presentations. We hope users enjoy it and we look forward to receiving feedback on any aspect of OpenLogPlot."

OpenLogPlot was first released in March 2013. It is FREE to use.


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